The Republican Machiavellians Who Want to be President

After such a display of unpatriotic behavior, tethering on the brink of treason, all three opposed sanctioning the former president from holding public office even after watching the damages caused to the State Capitol by the unruly mobs of Trump’s followers who stormed the Capitol building and ransacked offices, demanding a reversal of the elections.

Why would the country elect as president anyone of those three? Why would the citizens of these great United States choose any of those three as leader of the nation? They helped Donald Trump to destroy the fabric of our society, tear the country apart, ignore the rule of law and shred every letter of the Constitution.

Neither one of those men is worthy of being the leader of this nation. They show no interest in preserving the most important asset this country has. Their words are worthless, meaningless. Their actions prove they are unpatriotic, all the while claiming they love this country. The nation should prevent individuals like those three to hold public office, for they place their personal interests above those of the country. They do not have the characteristics of leaders; they are not trustworthy.


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