The Republican Machiavellians Who Want to be President

The first act which must happen before any individual is officially recognized as the president of the United States is to take an oath to protect and defend the Constitution. All three candidates have proven several times they are unwilling to stand up and defend the Constitution. Instead, they have condoned (and even defended) others who have vilified the Constitution. During the four years of the previous administration, all three squandered every opportunity to demonstrate they are willing to stand up for the country and defend the Constitution; they failed every time. Even when provided the golden opportunity in Trump’s impeachment to uphold the Constitution, they chose to support the individual who worked systematically to shred every letter of this important document.

One would think they would have matured since then. One would be wrong. Two of them (Josh and Ted) peddled Trump’s conspiracy regarding voters’ fraud and contributed to the attempted coup Trump tried to inflict on the nation. Put simply, they helped to facilitate insurrection against the United States, but it’s much, much worse than that. They advanced arguments to justify the incitement of mobs which descended into Washington to prevent the letter of the Constitution from being applied.


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