The Republican Machiavellians Who Want to be President

Despite what seems to be a sea of differences among them, the three musketeers have a lot in common. To start off, (as previously stated), all three want to be president; we can expect all three to throw their hats in the presidential race in 2024. But what binds them together like ‘Bond Brothers’ is not their allegiance to the United States (they have none), it’s not even their collegiality as Senators, it’s their unwavering support for an individual, the former president Donald J. Trump who removed civility in political discourse, and their disgust for the Constitution they all took an oath to defend and protect.

George Washington, the first president of the United States, one of our forefathers warned us “to guard against those with the impostures of pretended patriotism”

There lies the big problem with their sight on the presidency, all three have proven publicly many times, and beyond any doubt they have no interest protecting and defending the Constitution of the United States, which they took an oath to do.

That’s a big problem! That’s a freakin’ big problem!


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