The Republican Machiavellians Who Want to be President

First and foremost all three want to be president but of the three, Marco Rubio wants it the most. He felt cheated out of the presidency in 2016 when Donald Trump stormed into the race. The Senator tried his best to stave off Trump’s favorite attack line “little Marco”, but just like all other contestants (or candidates depending on your viewpoint as to what the country really was subjected to then), Rubio committed two unforgivable sins and irreversible mistakes. At first, he tried to stay above the fray “be presidential so to speak” while Trump lambasted him, mocked him at every turn; and second, he bet on Trump scaring away the other candidates so he Rubio could go “mano a mano” with him; Mr. Rubio believed (and even swore) he could take on and easily win a war with Trump without the distractions of other candidates in the race. Hmm!

By the time “little Marco” realized his secret plan would not work, it would have taken an act of God to reverse the direction of the race. Desperate, Rubio shifted strategy; he adopted ‘colorful’ language and began to make use of words and expressions which matched “sleazy Don’s” in nastiness, insulting one another. It was too little too late. “Sleazy Don” has had a lifetime of foulmouthed, derogatory language; he is much better at this. The Senator tried to play in a field in which scumbags like Trump has lived all his life. That was not a fair fight!


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