Can God Save America From GOP Leaders?

It is now a pastime for Republicans in general, GOP Leaders in particular to screw America. It comes so naturally to most Republicans it has become an integral part of their core “values”. This “progression or deterioration” has been in the making for decades, and despite the impact to our societal norms, and the devaluation of our Constitution, Republicans have always justified their actions by pointing to the Democrats as the problem; they are either “liberal, meant to be derogatory” or socialist, meant to scare everyone.

Screwing America comes naturally to the GOP Leaders one would think they have a mandate to destroy the country. Any legislation (or policy) proposed by Democrat Legislators or Acts by a Democrat’s administration are quickly voted down, squashed or its substance distorted to prevent Republican constituents from supporting the effort however beneficial those legislations or policies could be to the country.

Take for instance the case of the Healthcare Act (aka Obamacare, introduced in 2010 by the Obama administration) which provided a great deal of protection for individuals with pre-existing health conditions against insurance companies which had the practice of denying those individuals coverage, Republican Leaders in Washington – unable to prevent the passage of the Act (they were in the minority then) – launched a campaign of misinformation, unabashed deceptive disinformation, in an effort to discourage adoption or any support of the Act by Republican constituents.


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