GOP Leaders in Washington Have Made Screwing America A Fulltime Job

The riots which cost the lives of five individuals including two police officers did not deter the GOP Leaders to continue their assaults on our Democracy; they continued to peddle the false narrative of voters’ frauds embraced by the president who had riled up crowds of gullible, naïve and ignorant individuals. 140 Republican Congressmen voted to object the certification of the elections; initially, a dozen Republican Senators did as well but that number was reduced to eight after the riots. Nevertheless, when the time to impeach the president, a remedy offered by the Constitution, 197 Republican Congressmen voted against the impeachment, hence reinforcing their position that American Democracy, the Constitution of the United States do not matter.

In a logical world, it begs the question, who stands to gain from the riots, from the chaos? The original thought would be the lawmakers. As the demagoguery unfolded, Donald Trump managed to raised well over $210 million dollars from unsuspected and gullible Republican supporters who believe there was a possibility Trump could remain president. The Republican Party benefitted from the scheme as well. 


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