GOP Leaders in Washington Have Made Screwing America A Fulltime Job

On January 6, the day set to certify the results of the elections of all 50 states was supposed to be another boring ceremony performed every four years without any fanfare. In 2021, it was not. What happened would make future generations furious, that the people their parents, grandparents (or ancestors) elected to defend the Republic did not just standby and let that happen but most of them, (exclusively Republicans) took part in the sedition. In fact, they facilitated it. The scenes on the streets of America resembled those of unruly mobs in countries without a leader, countries that had just gotten rid of the authoritarians who had oppressed them for decades.

It was not any country; it was America led by an autocrat, supported by ignorant, backed by Republican Legislators who were supposed to prevent that from happening. As that story continues to unfold, the country begins to understand the level of complicity of the Republican Leaders in the sedition was not superficial. According to an initial report, the rioters collaborated, and planned with some members of the GOP and even took a tour of the Capitol the day prior to the attack on American Democracy.


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