GOP Leaders Are Not Done Screwing America

There are very few Republican Leaders who have moral values; (per observation of their actions in the past four years) there are even fewer who can claim to love the country. They all took an oath to uphold the Constitution but believe the act is ceremonial with no value, no importance. Don’t take my words for it.

On January 13, barely a week following an attempted coup orchestrated by the President of the United States with the backing of his most fervent supporters and the collaboration of most GOP Leaders in both Houses, an event which cost the lives of at least five people and injured several dozens, the country – perhaps the world – watched in dismay the debate in the House at the end of which 197 Republican Congressmen/women (shy 10 to be the whole GOP) voted against impeaching an individual who not only violated the Constitution he took an oath to protect and defend but was also personally involved in an act of sedition to subvert democracy in America, the very essence of what has made America the envy of the world. The world is now questioning whether America is fit to lead.

What would you add?

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