GOP Leaders Are Not Done Screwing America

Following a coup attempt by the president, the man they all kowtow to, 197 GOP Congressmen and over a dozen Senators defended his act of sedition and voted against impeaching him of violating his own oath of office. Republican Leaders, most of them, a great number of them are unpatriotic, tethering on the brink of treason; they work to run the country to the ground, so fervently it seems as if they all came to Washington to destroy America; they seamlessly picked up where bin Laden left off. The United States of America, the American People simply cannot count on the GOP Leaders.

Thankfully, in just a few short days, the country will breathe a sigh of relief, albeit temporarily. The task of getting rid of an incompetent individual, a despot, a fraud, a crook, and yes a traitor will be completed.

Mission Accomplished!!!


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