The Smart Ignorant of the Republican Party

As such, Mr. Trump resorted to an aggressive campaign of attempts to delegitimize the outcome of the elections, stirring the crowds of naïve and ignorant Republican supporters who continue to worship a very corrupt man they see as their god, a man who shows no interest in the wellbeing of those who worship him, a man who does not give a damn about the office he wants to cling to, a man who is not a tad bit concerned about the people who are losing their lives to a pandemic he ignored, a man who does not even care about the country he presumably wants to make great again. Instead, he wants to burn it all down if he cannot have it.

Desperate, Mr. Trump resorted to his long life methods – the ONLY way he knows – , to threaten those who would not subject to his whims, to his demands. There are precedents, too many.

For four years, Mr. Trump had trampled the rule of law, shredded every letter of the Constitution and behaved much like a mafia boss with the blessing and the support of every Republican Legislator in Washington. It seems natural (in Trump’s head) that Republicans across the country should bow to him and do whatever it takes to get him what he asks for.

What would you add?

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