Trump Almighty

The shocking revelation to the country is not about Trump’s treasonous behavior, for throughout his 4-year term in office, he has left no ambiguity regarding his priority, his interests. In the 2016 elections, he invited a foreign government, America number one enemy, into meddling in our democracy; in 2018, he tried to enroll another foreign government, Ukraine, to help him duplicate in 2020 what happened in 2016; he hired and instructed the Postmaster to sabotage the mailing system in order to put the other party at a disadvantage.  In addition to all the unethical and criminal undertaking by Trump and his administration, he also gave green light to foreign entities to harm our journalists abroad without any repercussion. How can we forget Jamal Kashoggi killed on October 2, 2018 in İstanbul, Turkey on the order of the Saudi without even a rebuke from the president of the United States?

This long list of negative characteristics of Donald Trump makes the attempt of a coup joined by Republican Legislators all the more galling and unpatriotic. However, as shocking as that might be to the country, we at The People Branch have sounded the alarm so many times, it is shocking to us the country is now shocked by this revelation. During the Trump 4-year term in office, we published well over a dozen articles in which we repeated ad nauseam that Republican Leaders are unpatriotic.

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