Trump Almighty

The 126 Republican Legislators who added their names to overturn a democratic election were not alone. Prominent Senators such as Lindsey Graham of South Carolina tried to intimidate the Governor of Georgia into helping to skew the results of the elections in Trump’s favor, Ted Cruz of Texas offered to make the argument in front of the Supreme Court as to why the Justices should throw out millions of votes to hand Trump a victory in the States Biden won, Mitch McConnell Senate Majority Leader silently supported the effort of Donald Trump to undermine US Democracy.

The whole country wakes up to the dreadful reality that Republicans in general, GOP Leaders in particular have never cared about the United States. It is now common parlance among news commentators that Republicans are unpatriotic. Just a couple of days ago, Joe Scarborough in Morning Joe accused the 126 Republicans who joined the TX lawsuit as engaging in sedition. Mr. Scarborough mused that they may even be labeled in history of treason.

What would you add?

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