Trump Almighty

It is almost certain most everyone – I mean everyone with a logical mind, everyone dotted with the ability to grasp simple, basic concepts of life – who reads the previous statement would shake his head (in agreement and) in disbelief a country such as the United States of America would tolerate such level of undemocratic, unpatriotic behavior from the individual who occupies the highest office in the land. Donald Trump is the reason such statement is made in 250 years of the existence of the Republic.

There is not a single aspect of our democracy which has not been impacted negatively by Donald Trump, at times deliberately. For anyone who wants to challenge that statement, ask yourself the obvious question: what has Donald Trump done to strengthen our democracy, to lift the country up and to help elevate US pride on the world stage? The actions by Donald Trump to undermine our democracy are carried out in broad daylight, emphasized and re-emphasized by obsessive tweets (a severe illness which is now known as tweetchism). Time and again, the rest of us, non-Republicans, have called him out, criticized him and pleaded with the Republican Legislators to do the bare minimum, to perform their legislative duty as required in the Constitution. Again and again, not only GOP Leaders have ignored our plea but they have enabled Donald Trump, encouraged him, supported him, defended him even when his actions were obviously unethical, egregious, unpatriotic, undemocratic and at times even criminal.

What would you add?

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