Donald Trump Is Just the Tip of the Iceberg

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This venture (of expending our soldiers’ lives and spending the taxpayers’ money) was almost always spearheaded by Republican administrations, wholeheartedly supported by Republicans who’ve always portrayed themselves as preservers of our democracy, defenders of our Constitution.

For many decades, the country almost in its entirety has believed that was the case. Even Democrat administrations have quietly tried to embrace the “hold-no-barrels” approach in foreign relations, especially with non allies and perceived enemies. Truth be told, Republican administrations never really cared about the plight of any of those people whom they used as a reason to take the United States to war.

The latest example of US waging war with Iraq, based totally on lies and deceptions by our government should be a reminder that Republicans’ priority is never about liberating people under oppression. We Americans have paid a very high price for this sort of escapade by our government in general, the Republican administrations in particular. At the end of the Iraq war, America was aggrieved by the deaths of close to 3,000 soldiers and saddened by the pain and suffering of well over 20,000 wounded soldiers, carried a debt which has surpassed 2 trillion dollars (as of this writing) for a war which needed not be. The casualties inflicted on the civilian Iraqis were even more devastating: Over 1 million Iraqis were displaced with slightly half that number feared to have been killed in US bombing. There was no good news that could justify a needless war which claimed so many lives and left so many wounded, traumatized for life.

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