Donald Trump Is Just the Tip of the Iceberg

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The past four years have exposed a critical weakness in US government – representing perhaps the greatest threats to the world – the beginning of the end of American democracy; a statement which is expected to be shrugged off by Americans in general, ignored by Republicans in particular or even derided by a few.  I can assure you, as it is certain the sun will always rise in the East and will always set in the West, the statement is not exaggerated, and it should not be ignored.

America – the United States that is – is the only country in history which has sacrificed so much in order to bring democracy to others and to extend freedom to every corner of the earth. This “unselfish” act is carried out at great sacrifices to Americans; hundreds of thousands of our soldiers have given their lives, not to the defense of America, not directly anyway but rather to free other people from oppression (dictators and authoritarians). Our friends and allies have always admired our unselfishness; some have tried to emulate our approach. Even our enemies have secretly lauded our effort to provide to others what we Americans believe are the “human way” for governments to “treat their people”. Well! before 2016.

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