Happy Thanksgiving 2020!

2020 Thanksgiving Day will be recorded and remembered as the best the United States, heck! the world has had in decades. God saved America!

For well over a century now, – longer if we accept the non-recorded period – every year Americans have crisscrossed the country to be with loved ones to celebrate Thanksgiving, which officially represents the beginning of the holiday seasons.

Nobody has paid attention or even cared to remember or understand the origin. It probably would not matter anyway. On Thanksgiving day, members of families who may have not spoken or communicated all year would suddenly find themselves in the same space, sharing meals, drinks, reconnecting, sharing stories and learning about each other. More often than not, a few of those gatherings would end badly, with family members arguing to such disagreement the visiting party would leave earlier than expected, sometimes without even participating in the meal sharing aspect of the day.


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