Conspiracy To Steal An Election

Despite all that’s said here, one should not be quick to dismiss the claims that the election was stolen. As mentioned in the very beginning, there are provable instances that the election might have indeed been stolen. Not the kind of proof Crazy Rudy Giuliani has been talking about. As evidenced by how the courts had dismissed those cases swiftly, Trump (and associates) is fishing. To use his famous phrase, they are engaged in a witch hunt. However, we at the Peoplebranch, are holding the witch in a secure location. A few Trump supporters have already contacted us to this regard.

On April 25, 2019 (date is correct), we published our first article calling the 2020 elections for the Democrats. Despite the rumbles and tumbles that had occurred since, we have never wavered in our predictions.  We are 100% certain the 2020 presidential elections were probably stolen, at the very least part of it.

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