Conspiracy To Steal An Election

Once PA was called for Joe Biden, it was all over; Joe Biden has become the president-elect. The remaining ballots continue to be counted in PA, in MI, in WI, in AZ, in GA, in NV, in NC, in HI, in AK. As more and more mail-in ballots were accounted for, Joe Biden’s lead in those states continue to increase. The end of Donald Trump’s reign of terror has come to an end; the writing on the wall was in big bold letters. The horror show has been cancelled indefinitely.

In times other than Donald’s, that would have been the end of the elections, and the beginning of the process for a new administration. The president would have conceded defeat, called the winner to congratulate him and began preparation for a smooth transition as it’s been done for the past 200+ years. As of this writing however, Donald Trump has not conceded defeat and continue to file lawsuit much like distributing candies to kids, in the hope of having a judge, any judge hand him hope to overturn the outcome in any of those states he’s claimed there was fraud. It is worth pointing out that the only states Mr. Trump (and associates) have observed fraud are the states he had lost to Joe Biden. Convenience? Coincidence?

As of this writing, most lawsuits filed by Trump’s team are thrown away as absurd, ridiculous by judges appointed by both political parties. At this point, Mr. Trump has behaved not just like a sore loser but a desperate man who has seen the end approaching but refused to accept his fate. Mr. Trump’s presidency end is much like watching “Final Destination”; there is no way out no matter what one does.

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