Conspiracy To Steal An Election

As predicted, on elections day, the lines to cast a ballot were short, nonexistent in some areas.  The scene of “not a single individual standing in line to cast a ballot” was observed across the country in several municipalities.

The results on elections night were sporadic; that was expected. Those who cast their ballots on that day – overwhelmingly Republican – provided a large margin to their candidate Donald Trump. That was not a surprise. However, late in the night and despite the fact that several millions mail-in ballots had yet to be counted, Mr. Trump, in an unusual display (of an authoritarian) made the announcement he had been re-elected. That too was no surprise to the country. Mr. Trump had repeatedly broadcasted well before the elections he intended to claim victory on elections night; so, he did.

No network – not even Fox – called the elections for Donald Trump that night; as expected, Democrat leaning states (New York, New Jersey, California, etc.) and Republican leaning states (Texas, Alabama, Louisiana, etc.) were called in early for their respective parties and candidates. Battleground states (WI, MI, PA) could not be called for any candidate; the initial results were either “too close to call” or “too early to call”; the results for those states would not be called for several days after the elections. As mail-in ballots were counted in those states, Trump’s earlier leads began to shrink. By the time, most ballots would be counted, Trump’s margin would evaporate giving the lead to Joe Biden not just in those three aforementioned battleground states but also in unexpected states such as Arizona and Georgia. It is worth mentioning here that before Pennsylvania (PA) was called for Joe Biden, both candidates had a path to reaching the 270 Electoral College votes needed to clinch victory.

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