Conspiracy To Steal An Election

The point is we all like to know no later than the day after the elections who our next president will be. Fast forward to 2020, the country was in for another anomaly. With the coronavirus spreading like wildfire across the nation, and the prospect for a cure was still unknown – although several pharmaceutical companies were racing to come up with a vaccine – complicated by the unwillingness of Republicans to comply with healthcare experts advices to practice social distancing and the president ignoring his own experts, Democrats had overwhelmingly opted for the mail-in ballot options in order to avoid being in long lines on elections day and exposing themselves further to the virus. However, Mr. Trump advised his supporters NOT to vote by mail because “there is too much fraud in mail-in ballots” the president suggested.

Before starting to advise his supporters against using the USPS, Mr. Trump had already put in place a Postmaster with mandate to disrupt the mailing system. The Postmaster was caught early doing just that; he began removing mailboxes in key areas where there is a greater concentration of minority groups, thus making it difficult for them to vote even by mail. It is worth mentioning there is a case pending against the Postmaster that might land him in jail. Elections sabotage (among other techniques such as intimidation) is what dictators, authoritarians use in order to stay in power. The red flag in the mailing system didn’t deter Democrats from sending their mail-in ballots as early as their respective states allowed it. By the time the second (or last) presidential debate took place, it is safe to state (in hindsight) that everyone (of both political parties) had already made up his mind whom s/he will vote for.

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