Conspiracy To Steal An Election

For several decades now, it’s been more or less expected that the winner of the presidential elections would be known and announced – if not on the night of the elections – at the very least the next day. Our collective minds have been set to expect the result of the presidential elections immediately. We like predictability. Such complacency was broken in 2000 when finding out who the next president would be was held up by the outcome of just one state, Florida. There was dispute as to which candidate won the state. Instantaneously, the “State for the Retirees” became the focal point not just for the nation but also for the world. US elections have always captured the interest of the whole world, for good reason. Our presence is virtually everywhere in the world.

It is pointless to rehash the sentiment following a Court ruling giving the win for the presidency to George W. Bush! Republicans went into the 2000 elections with a huge disadvantage: a flourishing economy, a very low unemployment rate and a stock market pointing to better times ahead. It is also worth mentioning that then president Bill Clinton managed to erase the national debt and would exit the Oval Office leaving the country with a budget surplus. Al Gore, Bill Clinton’s VP was favored to win easily but he…

Well! Let’s not rehash the past.

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