Conspiracy To Steal An Election

Hold the Press!

There is verifiable proof that the election might have been stolen from Donald Trump. Not the kind of proof crazy Rudy has been going to court with; not the kind Donald Trump has been talking or tweeting about, not the kind that would take one back to the “witch hunt” era! Proof any logical individual can assimilate.

Disclaimer: I voted for Joe Biden but I have a duty to bring the matter to the public sphere and let the chip fall where it may.

We are prepared to go on record under oath about our finding.

Read on!

Just a few days before the 2020 elections during which the world awaited in suspense the outcome of the presidential elections, there were scary monsters roaming the streets of America. We Americans ain’t afraid of monsters, are we?

Well! We should be.

Monsters are not just scary, they hurt as well. (Read all about The Monsters Who Ruin Halloween for America HERE).

But something much, much scarier happened after Halloween; the elections, more specifically the 2020 presidential elections were stolen.


It is not a joke! It’s NO conspiracy theory. It’s not crazy talk either. Proof is in order. Let me repeat that We are prepared to go on record under oath about our finding.


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