Sigh of Relief – Glimmer of Hope – Troubles Ahead

On Saturday November 7, 2020, four days after the elections, the country in particular – but the whole world – breathed a long sigh of relief. Every major network called the presidency for Joe Biden. Across the country, the people took to the streets, erupted in joy, danced and embraced one another in spite of the calamities – coronavirus is spreading throughout the country like wildfire – that are still a major concern for everyone.

During that brief moment, the people of this great United States of America have regained hope the new elected president, Joe Biden (and his administration), will chart a new path for the nation. Mr. Biden, throughout his campaign, had promised to unite the country, to tackle racism, rampant discrimination and to work towards what every president before him – minus the current one – had strived for, a more perfect union.

The win for Joe Biden was not the outcome of a contest between two political Parties or two individuals belonging to different political Parties but rather an opportunity to restore decency into the Oval Office and to appeal to “our better angels instead of our darkest impulses”. That election was one of the most consequential in our nation’s existence; it was a choice between light and darkness, between knowledge and ignorance.

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