It Is OVER for Donald Trump

Both the wish and the fear are unfounded and misplaced.

In 2020, supporters of Donald Trump are still hopeful he can pull another surprise win like he did in 2016.


You see, the 2016 surprise win was as much a surprise to Donald Trump as it was to the rest of the world. The win was not the result of effort or strategy Donald Trump or his team did or made. Trump ran the most disorganized campaign, completely deficient of substantive policy proposals. It is common knowledge now that individuals who worked in the Trump’s campaign in 2016 began to send their resumes out, in hope of landing a job elsewhere after the elections, knowing darn well there was no possibility Trump could win. Reading between the lines, they knew nothing was done to warrant a win by Donald Trump. And yet he did win.

So, it was a pleasant surprise for the Trump’s team but an enduring nightmare for the country, and the world. Notwithstanding the fact any patriot – Republicans in particular who claim to have moral values and/or to be Christians – would want that morally reprehensible individual out of the Oval Office, to hope he can land another win is a deadly wish and unpatriotic attitude towards the country, a very unfortunate predicament for the Republicans who truly value the Constitution. Trump’ surrogates, supporters, sycophants and financiers would like him to win; fortunately for our nation, they all rely on his vile personality to attract as many gullible Republicans to vote him back in office. Thanks Heaven that group hovers just around 45% of the eligible voters.


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