The Monsters Who Ruin Halloween

Children are right to be afraid of monsters; we adults always try to re-assure them but monsters are undesirable “creatures”; their sole purpose for existing is to scare the b-jesus out of everyone. It is wise to stay the hell away from monsters; children do, so should adults. There is no nice monster.

On Halloween day, both children and grown-ups will be dressed as characters: scary monsters, famous celebrities, politicians or plain old living dead characters. Children in their lovely “scary” outfits will file through neighborhoods, “trick or treat” whosoever is brave enough to open the door. Most of us will open our doors to greet the “greedy candy collectors” and submit to their “demands” as if we’re obligated to shower them with sweets in celebration of the Dead. For those little children, that’s where the fun ends.

One thought on “The Monsters Who Ruin Halloween

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