The Monsters Who Ruin Halloween

There are two types of monsters, those who scare little children and the monsters who scare the hell out of grown-ups like you and me. There is no nice monster.

As Halloween, or the Day of the Dead, gets closer, it brings memories of a tradition and scary reminders of the monsters in Washington in general and the one who seats in the Oval Office in particular. There is no nice monster.

Monsters and monsters look-alike send crowds into panic and increase our anxiety which might help to explain the reason the country has been in a constant state of fear for the past 3+ years.

The monsters who run the country are no ordinary monsters; the monster seating in the Oval Office is no typical monster; he is a monster the like the world has not seen a longtime. He is the scariest monster that has ever been spotted since Adolf Hitler. There is no nice monster.


One thought on “The Monsters Who Ruin Halloween

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