The Patriotic Duty to Get Donald Trump Out Of the Oval Office

For the first time in modern time do we get to witness the deterioration of a civilization, of a culture, of a people, of a country not by external forces or factors, not by foreign enemies, not even by domestic terrorists but rather by the leaders, all the leaders of a political Party who, instead of abiding by the oath they took to protect the nation, have decided their political careers are more important to protect than the institutions which have served the nation for decades and the Constitution which has provided a shelter for our democracy and a refuge to those seeking freedom from tyranny.

No logical individual can deny the fact that Republican leaders have deliberately chosen to let Donald Trump run the country to the ground, some have helped him do it, others have quietly turned a blind eye and yet others have defended his actions vigorously and labeled anyone who dares to point the problem out as traitor or unpatriotic. The damages Republicans have inflicted onto this nation for decades is not politics, it is Machiavellian.

What would you add?

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