The Patriotic Duty to Get Donald Trump Out Of the Oval Office

But no one – not the Legislators, not the Supporters – not a single one of them would go on record to suggest s/he would use Donald Trump as a role model for her children, or her grandchildren. This confession that Donald Trump does not have the character to be president should be justification for all to vote him out of office; this is an admission on the record they deliberately support an individual unfit to be the leader of this country.

It is this kind of confession and admission that requires a re-examination of our priority, for it is illogical to explain away one’ support for an individual who has no character to lead; it is insane to defend an individual who’s engaged in destroying the fabric of a society you’d wish your offspring will inherit. And yet, that’s exactly what Republicans – Legislators and supporters alike – have been doing for the past 3+ years.

What would you add?

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