The Patriotic Duty to Get Donald Trump Out Of the Oval Office

From violating the emolument clause (in our Constitution) to soliciting help from foreign entities, Donald Trump has turned the United States into a banana Republic. No longer can the United States claim to have the moral principles to lead the world; no longer can the United States justify admonishing other countries for not protecting freedom of speech, for not defending their people, for not abiding by the spirit of democracy. With Trump as the president, US can no longer claim moral superiority or even pretend to have decency.

The actions leading to those damages inflicted in our nation are not made in secrecy; Trump is so emboldened, he says whatever outrageous thought comes to his mind and behaves in ways that has debased the office of the presidency, and yet he is defended by Republican Legislators, cheered and worshipped by Republican constituents.

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