The Patriotic Duty to Get Donald Trump Out Of the Oval Office

In my previous article “The Reasons Donald J Trump Will NOT Be Re-Elected – Revisited”, I resorted to past data collected from the 2016 presidential outcomes and compared them with rolling polls taken for the states (battleground states) which have made it possible for Donald Trump to become the 45th president of the United States.

The situation – for Trump – seems different for his re-election bid. Notwithstanding Joe Biden’s leading in most of the battleground States (per the polls – see previous article), and irrespective of a probable win for the former vice president in November 3, we as a people should spend a great deal time – after the elections – to re-examine our priority.

The damages Donald Trump’s administration has inflicted on the country are impossible to deny. Every agency – even those which used to provide their services to all Americans irrespective of the political party in control (agencies such as the CDC, the Treasury Department, the DOJ to name a few) – is now used by Trump to settle scores, to gain political advantage and even to punish his opponents and his critics.

What would you add?

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