The Patriotic Duty to Get Donald Trump Out Of the Oval Office

Fortunately, there are many millions more who have come to that painful conclusion and have made the effort necessary to save the United States from those who are unwilling to accept the undeniable truth of their complicity or incapable of understanding the criticality of this problem.

Michael Hayden, the former director of National Security Agency (NSA) served his country, the United States of America for well over 40 years. Also a former general in the United States Air Force and former director of Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), Mr. Hayden came out a few days ago to back Joe Biden in a public statement and to warn the nation that reelecting Trump would be ‘very bad’ for America.

Mr. Hayden’ public endorsement of Biden follows a long list of former generals and other high level officials – some of whom also served in the Trump administration – who felt compelled to tell the nation what most of us have already expressed outloud, Donald Trump is bad for America.

According to a survey released a few weeks ago, 50% of those serving in the military disapprove of their commander-in-chief. This widespread sentiment among those who have sacrificed their lives, literally, to defend the nation should be taken seriously for it is painfully obvious (at least, it should be) to everyone “Donald Trump is not worth the sacrifice of our nation”.

What would you add?

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