The Reasons Donald J Trump Will NOT Be Re-Elected – Revisited

As predicted, Donald trump was caught soliciting a foreign government (that time, the president of Ukraine) to help him win the elections; he was caught tasking the Postmaster to derail mail-in voting, literally sabotaging the elections; the Republicans in the Senate are looking under every rock to find something that would destroy Joe Biden; Bill Barr – in the Department of Justice (DOJ) if that agency can be so called – is using every legal venue possible to help Donald Trump get re-elected.

We foresaw all that because we know exactly what Donald Trump is, a man of no character who managed to fool millions of Republicans to vote him in office in 2016 and are successful at fooling them again to vote for him in 2020. We also foresaw the outrage he would cause, the tools of division he would use but most importantly we foresaw the true patriots who would rise up to defend what’s left of the Republic.

Trump will lose the 2020 elections in a landslide…

What would you add?

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