The Reasons Donald J Trump Will NOT Be Re-Elected – Revisited

In part-3, we leaned heavily on the Electoral College votes which gave Trump victory over his rival Hillary Clinton. We followed closely the defection of millions of Republicans who came to the conclusion the vote they cast for Trump in 2016 was a big mistake they were not willing to repeat in 2020. Below is a snapshot of the States (some of which are referred to as battleground States) which had made Donald Trump the 45th president.

As per this publication, the snapshot below (2020) looks very unfavorable to Trump.

Notice that out of the 10 states listed, 7 are polled in Biden’s favor. Although the other 3 (GA, IA & TX) polled in favor of Trump, it is within the margins of error. Put differently, Donald Trump cannot reach the number of Electoral College votes needed to win in November. Our analysis did not even account for States (MN, ME) which show Biden ahead of Donald Trump.

What would you add?

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