The Reasons Donald J Trump Will NOT Be Re-Elected – Revisited

Although most “political experts” attribute Trump’s plummeting in the polls (and a possible loss in the 2020 elections) to his handling of the coronavirus, our analysis focused mostly on the factors which have extended the state of the economy for which Trump has claimed full credit. To no one’ surprise, everything that goes bad is somebody else’s fault.

Our focus was to figure out how his behavior would help to shape the course of events leading up to the 2020 elections. Below is an excerpt from part-one which outlined the confidence we had regarding the outcome of the elections:

I call the 2020 presidential race. It goes to the Democratic Party, the nominee of which is yet to be determined. This is not a joke and I am not psychic but the prediction stays.

 … In 2016, Trump (and everyone else on the planet) didn’t expect him to win but he did. In 2020, Trump, his henchmen, his minions and everyone who supports him will move heaven and earth to help him win; he will not. He will lose BIG; his loss will be HUGE, monumental, historic.

… Unless there is a very big, a major catastrophe, a disaster of proportion never before experienced here on planet Earth, there is ABSOLUTELY no chance for Donald Trump to be re-elected, despite the tug of war between members of the two major political Parties, in spite of high hope within the Trump camp and no matter how much smearing is used against the Democrat counterpart, no matter how much fear tactics (socialism anyone?) is employed to route the Democrat Party in order to achieve victory

What would you add?

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