The Reasons Donald J Trump Will NOT Be Re-Elected – Revisited

There was no coronavirus to worry about, there was no bombshell of Trump’s Rage (by Bob Woodward), there was no Michael Cohen’s revelations ( in Disloyal); there was no Trump’s impeachment. Things were great. Wall Street was flourishing (still is); unemployment rate was at all time low; Republican leaders both in Washington and across the country slumped down and bent down to suck-up to Donald Trump as the savior who would help them hold on to power; Republican constituents in general, Trumpublicans in particular who’ve pretended all their lives to be patriots, Christians and to have moral values had all lined up behind their god and vowed to fight for him even at the cost of running the country to the ground.

Naturally, I sounded like a lunatic – to Trumpublicans – who had a wish that could never come true. Except that it was not a wish. It was meticulous analysis of the behavior of a man-child with uncontrollable tantrum which helped to predict the future with a great degree of accuracy.

What would you add?

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