Murders of Blacks by Cops Normalized in America

Those scenes are observed throughout the country, especially in major cities and suburbs. This callousness, this indifference towards lives, Blacks’ lives in particular, is the direct product of a White society which is enriched through slavery, advanced by continuously oppressing Blacks, refused them opportunities and implemented laws, policies which will keep them from even lifting themselves through education and hard work. The police officers on the streets are just tools used by the system to keep everything the way it was devised since the creation of the Republic.

Consider that the “few bad apples” are accepted, embraced and even defended by their colleagues, praised most of the time by their superiors (the Chiefs of Police) when there is no camera, no journalist inquiry, no public scrutiny or protest. At this point, it should be obvious to any average intelligent individual police officers believe they have the rights to abuse Blacks; they have the rights to kill them. After all, the system they belong to have been defending their egregious actions, the indiscriminate murder of Blacks. Over 95% of murders (of Blacks) committed by police officers remain unpunished. We have become familiar with the case of Breonna Taylor killed in her bed by a police officer who, as of this writing, has not even been charged for the murder.

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