Murders of Blacks by Cops Normalized in America

But for sake of a dialog, let’s indulge for a moment those who continue to peddle the falsehood, and those who might even believe it

If “just a few bad apples” were to be accepted at face value, to look beyond the statement would offer no corroborating evidence that is the case. According to the latest stats (source:, for the past five years, an average of 1,500 individuals were killed by police officers each year, bringing the total number of people who had lost their lives to approximately 7,500. According to the same stats, 85% (or 6,375) of those executed by police officers were unarmed.

Across the nation, it is almost always expected an encounter with a police officer, especially if the individual is black, would end tragically for the individual. Police officers, in every instance, have their guns pointed at the subject – as shown in the above image – even when it is blatantly obvious the individual is unarmed. Those police officers, knowing they will get away with murdering yet another black, would pull the trigger if the individual even tries to walk towards them.

What would you add?

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