Murders of Blacks by Cops Normalized in America

Such scenario is much too common in the lives of Blacks in America; during slavery, it was the White slave masters who could easily dispose of Blacks without having to provide any explanation and/or justification. Beyond slavery, hundreds of thousands of black children grew up without a father whose life was snuffed away by a police officer who is supposed to protect that father. Every time that happens, society always comes up with a way to justify the murder of a black man; for as long as society continues to condone the practice, those in charge, racist who do not give a hoot about Blacks’ lives, will continue to shield those “criminals with badges”. Every time a police officer kills a black man/woman, which is very often, they would marshal their spoke persons to help downplay the murder, to blame the victims and to suggest solutions they know would never be implemented. The proof is they’ve been doing the same dance for many decades now.

The latest defense argument – offered to condone police murders of Blacks – is that occurrences of such are the actions of “just a few bad apples”. Notwithstanding the fact that White police officers in general have been murdering Blacks for a very longtime and their superiors (Chiefs of Police) have been covering the practice and society, the White society, has been condoning and even supporting it at times, the widespread practice cannot possibly be attributed to “just a few bad apples”.  With the advent of technology, a simple search of this topic would bring thousands of links of scenarios across all 50 states of police officers who have gunned down young unarmed black men. That can hardly be construed as the actions of “just a few bad apples”.

What would you add?

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