Murders of Blacks by Cops Normalized in America

Blacks not involved with gang and in criminal activities are in greater danger in the presence of cops than around gang members. In Ferguson, MO, a black 14-year old boy explained this problem the following way “If I’m being chased by a gang member and I see a cop, I will take my chance with the gang member. I have better odds of surviving a gang member.” That summarizes the predicament Blacks live under in America; the statement is not an exaggeration.

For several decades now – to some of us, during our entire existence – crimes perpetrated by police officers on Blacks are explained away, covered up, swept under the rug, downplayed or the victims are blamed for the tragedy which took their lives. The lies to justify killing unarmed Blacks vary between “I was afraid for my life” or “I thought he was reaching for a weapon” and “he was resisting arrest”. Police officers have been taking the lives of young black men and women without any fear of even losing their job let alone be held responsible for murdering yet another Black.


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