The Machiavellian Nature of the GOP Leaders

For instance, the embrace of birtherism by some Republican leaders could not be construed as politics but rather as a tool to garner support from their supporters; the GOP leaders were also cognizant that by embracing birtherism, they were encouraging their supporters to continue in their ignorance. Republican Leaders believe by keeping the constituents in ignorance, their political career is secure against any attempt by Democrats to unseat them. It has worked for many decades now.

As it should be obvious however, such approach of the use of ignorance (as a tool to stay in office) is not without consequences. After eight years of peddling false and very divisive rhetoric, Republican constituents’ sentiment towards Democrats have hardened to such an extent that

  • they welcomed the interference of a foreign government in the election (2016) process
  • they accepted a candidate who had openly invited our fiercest enemy into meddling in the (2016) election
  • they voted to the highest office in the land an individual who collaborated with a foreign government to get elected.
  • they voted to the highest office an individual who doesn’t possess a single characteristic of a leader

What would you add?

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