The Machiavellian Nature of the GOP Leaders

It is not difficult for an average intelligent individual to stay away from someone

  1. who has lied to him and others frequently
  2. who’s defrauded others repeatedly

But Trump’ supporters (both college and non-college educated) are not smart people. Besides their unwillingness to break away from someone who does not possess any quality of a leader, they’re able to rationalize supporting him and insulting or faulting those who don’t.

No smart individual would attempt to cross a raging river no matter how good of a swimmer one is but the fool, the ignorant would rationalize doing it only to perish, drowned in an instant and carried away into the belly of the sea.

Although in full display today, this level of ignorance of the Republicans is not new. Donald Trump did not introduce it to the Republicans but he has helped to magnify its effect. For a very longtime, the GOP leaders have exploited it and the Republican constituents, for fear of being derided, humiliated, have taken comfort in i) hiding their ignorance instead of remedying the problem ii) taking comfort by supporting GOP Leaders, even though they are aware those leaders nurture their ignorance, encourage it and even praise them for their ignorance.

What would you add?

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