Back to Hell!

God claimed victory, the angels sing his praise. Hell is once again ruled by Lucifer.

The show LUCIFER got a C+ for creativity. At times, it felt mechanical in the way some scenes are put together. But what really waters down the whole Lucifer’ adventures is:

  1. how the close relation Lucifer had with Maze ended.
  2. how the ruthless Maze, the fearless defender of the King of Hell became so soft, and later so lesbian with a broken heart. The writers really had a difficult time figuring out how to get rid of her
  3. the mechanical return to Hell scene. That scene in particular was so dry; it left the audience with no desire to wish for more.

Those factors reveal how ill prepared the writers were to end the show. Although rumors have it that the show might continue, there is no cliffhanger which warrants that. The return of Lucifer on earth would be a real disaster for Heaven and Hell, not to mention a continuation of the mediocrity in the execution.

What would you add?

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