Back to Hell!

But God is not a monster; so, he sent additional heavenly resources to help Amenadiel fulfill the mission successfully, to convince Lucifer to go back to Hell. But Lucifer is a very tough nut to crack; besides being unhappy with his position as King of Hell, Lucifer is always suspicious of heavenly and hell creatures who had approached him. He doesn’t even trust his father’s intention. To help the situation along, God tasked others to sparingly threaten the life of someone Lucifer had been protecting, Chloe, the detective he’s been working with and seemed to have become very fond of. God knew Lucifer would do the “right thing” if her life became endangered. The strategy was not to harm Chloe but rather to scare Lucifer away from her and have no reason to stay on earth.

Even that didn’t work. God should have known better; Lucifer is master of scaring people. After an accident which almost claimed Chloe’s life and having spotted his other brother nearby, Lucifer knew his father was on to him and probably got tired of his excuses and had become angry. So, Lucifer contemplated the idea of severing relation with Chloe who grew more and more fond of him, especially after separating with her husband Espinoza. Her affection for Lucifer made it a difficult choice for the King of Hell to just pack up and go. He rode it out for a while and resorted to play it out to see how far God would go to force him back.

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