Back to Hell!

After reviewing information sent to heaven by flame-wielding-sword angels tasked to monitor activities surrounding Hell, God personally verified the info provided by Hell’s informants which outlined the chaos in Hell without leadership. The Almighty grew more fearful of what his wife, known on earth as Charlotte, would do. Although chained and heavily guarded, Charlotte could whip up a chain of events that would derail God’s plan; she was known to be extremely cunning. Hell’s rumor has it that she outwitted Lucifer more than once. God had to act quickly.

First, he dispatched Lucifer’s closest brother, Amenadiel to talk him into returning to Hell. It was celebration in Heaven because Amenadiel had never failed God.  When he landed on earth, he relied on his negotiating skills to convince Lucifer to go back. He went into the mission, expecting some resistance, a lot of resistance on the part of Lucifer but that was not his first rodeo. Amenadiel knew he would need time, plenty of time to succeed. Fortunately, time was no objection to God.

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