The Stubborn Ignorance Of a Dying Political Party

Consider for instance that Trumpublicans genuinely believe Donald Trump has a magic wand he is waving around to get the economy humming. Don’t attempt to explain to any Trumpublican how policies which have short term positive impact will inevitably have longterm negative effect on the economy, on national debt and consequently would burden many future generations. If one tries to explain the cost of letting the air we breathe, the water we drink being polluted – by eliminating fines and penalties for businesses that damage the environment – is not a good business decision, Trumpublicans are unable to grasp the concept. While in the short term, it may create a few jobs, the longterm impact to the environment, thus to our health and that of our children is immeasurable.  If one tries to explain to Trumpublicans that borrowing money and giving it to businesses might create a few temporary jobs but that adds to the national debt which will eventually contribute to devalue our currency, that will go over their heads. The expected reaction would be a “don’t care” or worse “you just don’t like Trump” or “just a damn liberal”. The problem can easily be pinpointed; it is explained earlier here in this document.

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