The Stubborn Ignorance Of a Dying Political Party

In the beginning of Obama’s presidency, there were well over 56% of Republicans who believed he was an illegitimate president because, you know, “he was not born in the country”. Although many, especially news personalities, you know, people in the news media, tried to downplay the problem or sugarcoat the severity of such; don’t be fooled, the problem is real. In fact, it is this very problem that has given birth to a political Party that is so different from the Republican’s, the Trumpublican Party.

Don’t believe me? Try to explain, if you will, how millions (42 million approximately) of people in a political Party can manage to believe and repeat and echo and believe what is in its face sheer nonsense.  Although political pundits tried to explain it away either as a political issue or simply a race issue, the rationale brought forth to explain this problem could not pass the test of logic.

For instance, to hate or to even resent something doesn’t change what that something is. Consider the following scenario, if someone hates a blue dress, does that change the color of the dress to red? The rationale that Obama is Black or Obama is a Democrat as the reasons a majority of the Republicans believed he was an illegitimate president does not pass the logic test.

We can easily eliminate the second part (Obama is a Democrat) for if that was the case, Democrat presidents would all be labeled illegitimate; that leaves us with the first part, Obama is black, analysis of which can be found in the aforementioned multi-part article for which a link was provided earlier.

What would you add?

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