The Stubborn Ignorance Of a Dying Political Party

To individuals who would have even an average intelligence, it was not difficult to come to the obvious conclusion that Donald Trump had some form of collaboration, at least his campaign, with a foreign entity, Russia.

You see, in the past 100 years, no candidate for president (democrat and republican) has ever been associated with so many Russians, Russian sympathizers in their campaigns. The content of this statement  was included in the Mueller’s report; in addition, the information was widely published and can now be found with a simple google search, and yet Trumpublicans continue to repeat non-stop it’s a witch hunt; they have even insulted some people and occasionally threatened others who would “dare to show” proof Donald Trump campaign team did indeed tango with Russians.

The behavior is not at all surprising. As pointed out earlier, Trumpublicans (or Trump supporters) seem incapable of logic (please refer to the multi-part article that Most Republicans don’t seem to share the same characteristics of logical individuals). As a nation, we should have seen that coming. All the signs were there, and visible. Right about now, we should worry that millions of people could be so blindly ignorant to this point.

What would you add?

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