The Stubborn Ignorance Of a Dying Political Party

This illness should be referred to as the Trump syndrome. As it is probably obvious, there is no cure for this devastating brain-eating disease. There is a great deal of speculations however the illness would eventually disappear once Donald Trump exits the Oval Office. Be as it may, the problem is real and its impact is felt through all layers of our society; it is reverberated even across the Atlantic.

Take for instance the topic of Trump’s collusion with Russia, investigation of which by Robert Mueller began sometime around May 2017. To Trump’ supporters who have continuously echoed their newly found savior Donald Trump, it was a witch hunt.

Was it?

(Update: the release of a 1,000-page document by the Senate Intelligence Committee corroborates Robert Mueller’s 600-page report previously released, the gist of which is that Trump’s campaign collaborated with Russians to win the 2016 presidential elections)

What would you add?

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