Donald Trump Is A Very, Very Bad Man

bin Laden was a notorious terrorist but in 2001 his notoriety got a boost on the world stage for the damages inflicted on America on September 11, 2001.

For those of us who were already born then, especially those of us who lived close to those areas affected by the masterminded attacks, that day was surreal; how could any country – let alone a lone wolf – dare attacking America? How was it possible? That day has been seared in our memory. America never expected to be attacked on our own turf by another country, let alone a lone individual who spent most of his time hiding in a cave, which made the tragedies all the more shocking, all the more unbelievable. Three separate coordinated simultaneous attacks sent chills through our spine, unveiled our innocence and revealed the danger we’ve been unsuspectingly living under and our indifference towards those (in other countries) who live under similar predicament on a regular basis.

Although these attacks would leave untold emotional and psychological casualties in their aftermath, we have an accurate aggregate of the financial losses as well as the human casualties that were inflicted on our country.

If financial losses and human casualties are used as measures of the Machiavellian nature of both men, Osama bin Laden and Donald Trump, Mr. Trump would fare much worse than bin Laden. Below, we discussed those two measurable factors for both men.

What would you add?

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