Donald Trump Is A Very, Very Bad Man

Once sworn in as the 45th president, Mr. Trump quickly surrounds himself with people like him, people with no character, people with no moral value, people with no moral principle, people who pretend to love the country, people who are as deceitful as he is. There is no hope anything good can come out of Trump’s presidency. As I pointed out many times in my regular social broadcast program, GOP leaders have always been consistent at deceiving their constituents and exploiting their ignorance.

It is at this point difficult not to compare Donald Trump to some of the most notorious criminals of modern time; in light of his indifference to the plight of the nation ravaged by the Covid-19 pandemic and his callousness vis-à-vis the families of those who have lost their lives, – all of it caused by his incompetence – it’s impossible not to conclude Donald Trump is no better than the most notorious terrorist Osama bin Laden.


What would you add?

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